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Album Reviews:

Prince And The Revolution: Purple Rain (Super Deluxe Edition)
The Beach Boys: 1967: Sunshine Tomorrow
Robert Lamm: Time Chill: A Retrospective/Peter Cetera: The Very Best Of
Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer: Two Of A Kind
Yoko Ono: Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
Halo James: Witness
Ray Stevens: Face The Music: The Complete Monument Singles 1965-1970
Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker (Deluxe Edition)
The Durutti Column: Another Setting (Deluxe Edition) 

Book Reviews:

Julie Chadwick: The Man Who Carried Cash: Saul Holiff, Johnny Cash, And The Making Of An American Icon
Cyrus Bozorgmehr: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin: The Untold Story Of Wu-Tang Clan’s Million-Dollar Secret Album, The Devaluation of Music, And America’s New Public Enemy No. 1
Lizzy Goodman: Meet Me In The Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011
Mayte Garcia: The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince
Alana Massey: All The Lives I Want: Essays About My Best Friends Who Happen To Be Famous Strangers 
Joan Didion: South And West: From A Notebook
Kristin Hersh: Don’t Suck, Don’t Die: Giving Up Vic Chesnutt 
Everett True: The Electrical Storm: Grunge, My Part In Its Downfall
Nick Drnaso: Beverly 
William F. Buckley, Jr: A Torch Kept Lit: Great Lives Of The Twentieth Century

DVD/Film Reviews:

Gospel According to Al Green
From Noon Till Three
Good Morning
Strike A Pose
Evil Ed
The Climber
The World of Henry Orient
The Frank Sinatra Timex Shows, Volumes 1 & 2
The Founder
The Handmaid’s Tale
A Poem Is a Naked Person
Hoop Dreams
Straight Outta Compton
Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years
The Vanishing
Errol Morris: Gates Of Heaven/Vernon, Florida/The Thin Blue Line
The Honeymoon Killers