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The Recoup:


I Want To Stop Wanting It So Much: A Conversation With Toad The Wet Sprocket’s Glen Phillips
(An in-depth talk with Glen Phillips, the frontman for multi-platinum and chart-topping band Toad The Wet Sprocket, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the band’s break-up and this summer’s reunion tour, published June 12, 2017.)

    I’m A Defeatist But I Don’t Have To Be: A Conversation With Eisley’s Sherri DuPree-Bemis  
(We talk with Sherri DuPree-Bemis, of Tyler, Texas-based band Eisley, about her new album, depression, and her band’s new lineup, published June 5, 2017.)

Take Me Down To Anorak City: A Conversation With Author Marc Spitz 
(Published August 18, 2014; republished February 6, 2017, after Spitz’s death,)

A Piece Of Ground Where I Can Lay My Head: A Conversation With Kristin Hersh
(In-depth discussion of mental health issues, published May 23, 2016.)

Serious Fun: A Conversation With The Knack’s Berton Averre
(A fun, interesting discussion about the later years of a band who has come to be synonymous with the “one-hit wonder” syndrome, published August 10, 2015)

Run For Cover Or Run To Win: Tanya Donelly Goes Solo
(One of Donelly’s first in-depth discussions about the breakup of Belly, published June 16, 2014)

People Used To Dream About The Future: The Story Of A Girl Called Eddy
(A rare interview with reclusive musician Erin Moran, one that is easily the consistently most read interview on the site, published April 28, 2014)

Under The Radar:

A Poem Is A Naked Person: Between Thought And Expression and A Father and A Son
(A discussion with filmmaker Harrod Blank about the restoration and DVD release of his father Les Blank’s masterpiece, A Poem Is A Naked Person, a long-lost documentary about musician Leon Russell, published April 13, 2016)

Big Takeover Online

The Muffs: No More Sad Tomorrows 
(Taken from Big Takeover issue 76; right-click to save.)

Mercury Rev: A Conversation With Jonathan Donahue (Parts One and Two)
(In this gripping two-part interview, we discuss the band’s seminal work, Deserter’s Song and the impact of releasing what they felt to be their best work the same day as the September 11th terrorist attacks, published September 4/September 11, 2011)

Sarah Cracknell: You Never Know What Treasures Are Lying Around
(Interview with British pop star about her solo album, Kite, published July 5, 2015)

Integrity Is The Reason: The Story Of Texas Is The Reason
(Long article dedicated to the band’s brief history, published March 4, 2013.)