Greetings And Salutations!

Hello there!

My name is Joseph Kyle, and I am a veteran music journalist and writer. This website is meant to serve as a hub for my various writing outlets, and to provide you with a good overall portrait of the depth and scope of my work. It’s my intention to keep this site as current as possible, so please check back often, and check out the Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute links to my online writing!

Please do note: with nearly twenty years’ worth of writing experience, there’s no way this website could contain everything I’ve written and still retain a sense of unity or focus. That being said, what you find here is what I consider to be the cream of the crop. Furthermore, I’ll be updating this site regularly, adding new items as they are written, and adding older works that I happen to think deserve to be shared. So I hope you bear that in mind–there’s plenty to read here! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to work with you in the future!!


Joseph Kyle

(Please Note: these links found on this page are but a very small sampling of my work; to access more of my writings, please visit the links page to access my writing across the internet.)

Page Updated: September 11, 2017