My name is Joseph Kyle, and I’ve been writing about music for the past twenty years. I started off my journey writing blurbs for local zine and the local entertainment guides to promote shows I had booked in Lubbock, Texas. From that, I started my first print publication, Lois Is My Queen. The first issue was published in 2000, and to my surprise sold well over 500 copies; the second and third issues…not so much.

At the same time, I started writing news items for a budding website called Pitchfork Media. I wrote for them for a year, learning the tricks of the online trade, which I soon parlayed into my own website, Mundane Sounds, which ran from September 2001 to the end of 2007. While maintaining the site, I also did quite a bit of freelancing, writing for such publications as Punk Planet, No Depression, Under The Volcano, and Tiny Mix Tapes. A brief hiatus led me to start a new website, Press Play & Record, which lasted until 2009, when after a personal tragedy I took an extended break from writing.

In 2010, I returned, writing for the esteemed ‘zine, Dagger. I also took a position writing for one of America’s best independent music magazine, Big Takeover, and have been writing for them ever since, both as an online scrivener, and as a print reporter.

In 2012, I felt the desire to helm up my own publication again, and thus was borne The Recoup, which is still going strong. Though my intention was that it be a print publication, I soon realized that it would be better served as an online outlet. I also take on the occasional freelance work, most notably with Under The Radar, where I write about films.

I am currently looking to establish relationships with major print and online publications.

Educational Background:

BA, History/English, Texas Tech University
(Specialization: oral history, technical writing)
Graduated magna cum laude.

M.Ed, Secondary Education and Educational Leadership
(Specialization: at-risk youth, qualitative research)
Graduated Top Honor, 4.0 GPA